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Dennis Luehring

whoami: Dennis Lühring, 24 years old, living in germany, ~6 years C++, ~3 years Pascal and derivates, ~2 years Assembler (x86,805x), Java... (~13 years in complete)

myinterrests: objectorientated software architektures/design, programming language design , ai games (

myjob: working as an full time c++ developer in/for realtime/machine control stuff

what a like to see in D (or similar features)

User Defineable Attributes: maybe the 90%-perfect solution ( +/- the armount of your arguments ) for codegernerators

for example:

in my current job an codegenerator is used to "publish" methods through an command-pattern based plugin system... it use an empty #define statement as marker

looks like


class Plugin {

    void Function1(...)
    int Function2(...)
    PUBLISHED int Function3(...)
    PUBLISHED int m_nMaxCount

but it needs an dirty #define-statement and i don't want to use special names like published_Function3 or something cause im using the function also as normal functions (and members)

with defineable attributes in D it could look like:

define attribute published

class Plugin {

    void Function1(...)
    int Function2(...)
    int Function3(...)
    int m_nMaxCount

and then i can use the D parser (or the type info of functions/methods) to build an amazing generator tool...

and maybe it should derivatebale

define attribute published: public or something

or replace attributes replace attribute in in const ...

or can i use aliases for this

contex sensitiv debugging

class Test{...}

Test a; debug Test b; Test c;

i will only see symbolic information for object b

ciao dennis


I'm not sure I understand the purpose of your proposed User Defineable Attributes, but I think you can effectively emulate them by making using of D's existing versioning features. It's a little more wordy than your proposal, but I think it'll work. I've provided an example below. -- JustinCalvarese

working is not the problem (i've got 4 working stiles ) the clean beautines of the solution is my problem DennisLuehring

 version(myCodeGeneration) version = published;

class Plugin { public: void Function1(...) int Function2(...) version(published) { int Function3(...) int m_nMaxCount } private:


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