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The old web interface to the newsgroups has been down for a while. Some newsgroups are working with a new web interface system, but the digitalmars.D group is still down. -- JustinCalvarese, 2006/08/31

You can read specific messages on digitalmars.D through it, you just can't view the article list. -- StewartGordon 2006/09/08

I didn't realize that the articles themselves could be viewed when I posted my previous message, but it's still inconvenient to find the most recent messages without an article list. I never thought that I would miss the old web interface so much. At least the message numbers have stayed the same (althought the URLs are different now). -- JustinCalvarese, 2006/09/08

The problem with digitalmars.D and the old D group seems to be fixed now. The article lists will now display. -- JustinCalvarese, 2006/10/10

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