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Elephant IDE

According to Elephant's project page: Elephant is no longer in development, but check out Poseidon ! Perhaps the Poseidon page should be listed here instead of Elephant.

The D Journal

I hope it really is "coming soon!", but I'm skeptical after all of these years. The ending copyright year hasn't even been updated to 2005 (or 2006 or 2007) yet. See also: DigitalMars:d/archives/6423.html, DigitalMars:d/archives/7378.html, DigitalMars:d/archives/8999.html, DigitalMars:d/archives/21409.html, DigitalMars:d/archives/25672.html


There's a post on BarraPunto today (The SlashDot equivalent in Spanish). If you can read and write in Spanish and have a couple of minutes, please join and help answering questions and correcting errors.

adapted from NG:digitalmars.D/30930

Japanese links

It is good that the Japanese links are separated from the rest. Duomo arigato.


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