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ToDo:Large parts of this page are severely outdated. To avoid unnecessary maintenance efforts, the DSource project page should probably be improved instead of duplicating snapshots of the information here. is an opensource project hosting site for D related projects. This page is a more descriptive version of the projects page.


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aaa repos for the various proposed new associative array implementations ForumdsimchaDevelopment ToolsActive 
AIDA library for AI in D ForumrevcompgeekLibraries: SystemActive 
AikaA game engine with an abstract and portability priority ForumjungGamesActive 
Akibindings, wrapper for libharu (pdf library) and create a library with useful methods to generate pdf easier ForumtxavaServer ResourcesActive 
ANDArtificial NeuralNetworks in D ForumqbertServer ResourcesActive 
antlrdA lexer and parser generator for LL(k) grammars, including D ForumeachainnDevelopment ToolsActive 
apaged2a fork of the now-unmaintained apaged from ForumdhasenanDevelopment ToolsActive 
ArcLibA cross platform feature full 2D Game Library ForumclayasaurusGame LibraryActiveArc is a cross platform 2D game engine back-end. Arc provides 2D rendering (scenegraph, particles, gui, frames, animations, freetype fonts), physics integration through Blaze, uses OpenAL to play .ogg and .wav files, can load images (.bmp, .gif, .jped, .png, .tga, .tiff), easy access to keyboard, mouse, and joystick, common 2D math routines and structures, time routines, and window control routines. To learn what Arc is and is not, see Scope of Arc.
AresSecond Coming of Phobos ForumseanLibraries: SystemActivebeing deprecated in favor of the Tango project
AutoTool4DAutoTool4D (autotool for d language) is a project that demo how to use autool (autoconf,automake and libtool) to compile d language, it also demo how to using libiconv and gettext to write I18N/L10N program in d language and so on. ForumdragzhbDevelopment ToolsActive 
BCDA collection of, and generator for, bindings to C/C++ in D. ForumGregorDevelopment ToolsActive 
BindingsBindings Collection for D (C language, or others) Forum Development ToolsActiveincludes the WindowsAPI subproject
BlazeA light-weight, 2D rigid body dynamics engine. Started off as a Glaze port. Forumclayasaurus, zzzzrrrBlazeActiveThe goal is to implement a real time, continuous collision detection, and physics game engine library. Implemented: Sequential Impulse (SI) solver, stacking, non-convex models via. partitioning and covering. To do: Joints, continuous collision detection, and much more!
blipan ancillary library to tango that focuses on basic things that can be useful for scientific programs. It offers: SMP parallelization, serialization, random testing framework, N dimensional arrays with a nice interface to several lapack functions ForumfawziLibraries: SystemActive 
Block'd2D physics game Forummike   
box2d4da direct D port of the box2d system by Erin Catto ForumclayasaurusLibraries: GUIActive 
Build (a/k/a bud)Tool for building D executables and libraries ForumDerek ParnellDevelopment ToolsActive 2008-02-17: project not dead
CarbonHeadersCommunity effort for Carbon function headers (Mac OS X) ForumlwsLibraries: GUIActive 
CashewArray Utilities Library ForumcsaulsLibraries: SystemActive 
CDCCompile-D-Code: A single-file build script written in D, for any D environment, to bundle with any D project. Forum Development ToolsActive 
cl4dAn object-oriented wrapper for the OpenCL? API ForumTrass3rLibraries: SystemActive 
Claytek 3DClayTek 3D Game Library and Editor ForumclayasaurusGamesInactive 
CMakeDA cmake add-on for D ForumselmanDevelopment ToolsActive 
Code AnalyzerTools for analyzing D source code and extracting information from it. ForumhasanDevelopment ToolsActive 
ConcurrentD port of Doug Lea's concurrent library Forum Libraries: SystemInactive 
CORBA SuiteA suite of libraries and programs to allow OMG CORBA integration for D. Forum Server ResourcesInactive 
Core32port of of Microsoft Windows header files: windows, gdi, user, and com Forum Libraries: SystemInactive 
curldAn object-oriented wrapper for libcurl ForumdazoeServer ResourcesActive 
CursesTUICurses-based IDE for D. Standard widget set for cross-platform GUI and CUI development Forum Libraries: GUIInactive 
cv2pdbConvert DMD CodeView debug information to PDB-Format ForumsagitarioDevelopment ToolsActive 
DAllegroA set of D bindings for the Allegro game library ForumtorhuGamesActive 
Damagea 3D shooter type game Forummike84 Inactive 
DangD compiler written in D, with LLVM backend Forumanders0, skabetDevelopment ToolsActive 
dAntFWa D application development framework ForumAntDevelopment ToolsActive 
Dazela tiny game like zelda developed with arclib v0.2 and an editor written with Qt 4.3 ForumBabaLiGamesActive 
dBerBibleBerBible port from C++ to D Forum Misc. AppsInactiveabandoned, but BerBible seems to still be in development
DBugA D debugger ForumAgentOrangeDevelopment ToolsActive 
DBus-DD bindings for DBus ForumkeinfarbtonLibraries: SystemActiveForum is shared with TioLink.
DCCD Compiler Collection Forum Development ToolsInactive 
DCoderVisual Studio.NET extensions for D-like Syntax highlighting Forum    
dcollectionsA D-based collections package inspired by C++, Tango, and Java collections. ForumschveiguyLibraries: SystemActive 
DComica multiple webcomic viewer ForumciberwizzMisc. AppsActive 
D Conference 2007  Forum   just a forum
dcoupleAn optimal implementation of "signal & slot" call-back functionality in D Forum Libraries: GUIInactive 
dcryptLightweight cryptographic toolkit with focus on symmetric ciphers and hash functions ForumreikonLibraries: SystemActive 
dcursesD Port of PDCurses ForumlarsiviLibraries: SystemInactive 
D Dynamic Libraries (DDL)Runtime loading and linking for object files in D. Supports OMF, with planned support for ELF and COFF binary formats Forumpragma, AgentOrangeLibraries: SystemActiveincludes enki subproject
DDataD-styled data format parser module - D1 std2 ForumSaaaServer ResourcesActive 
DDBIA database-independent interface library Forumjeremy_cServer ResourcesActive 
ddmda D port of DMD compiler (v2.0 currently) ForumkorDenDevelopment ToolsActive 
DDevelopAn IDE for D Forumft1000Development ToolsActive 
DDirectX9Clean, complete D bindings for DirectX9 with no specific D library dependencies. ForumbeezirLibraries: GUIActive 
DDnDD Dungeons and Dragons ForumsyllogismDevelopment ToolsActive 
DDocDocumentation Generation for D ForumsvanleentDevelopment ToolsActiveSame name, but different project than the Ddoc that is built into DMD
DDTD Development Tools (formerly known as "eclipseD") ForumgeniusDevelopment ToolsActive 
DDwmDeformative's D Window Manager forumDeformativeLibraries: GUIActiveAbandoned
DecoratedDDeclarative extensions to the D programming language. Clean and powerful macro pre-processor for D source files. Forumaaronc542Development ToolsActive 
DeditA text editor for the D programming language ForummrmondayDevelopment ToolsActive 
DefendA portable multiplayer 3D RTS using OpenGL forumLeoDGamesActive 
DeimosD Runtime Library Forum Libraries: SystemActive 
DeliriaAn OpenGL game project similar to spectre Forum GamesInactive 
DerelictD bindings to several C libraries useful in the development of multimedia applications. ForumaldacronLibraries: GUIActive 
DescentAn Eclipse plugin for D ForumasteriteDevelopment ToolsActive 
DFLA windowing library for the D language ForumChris Miller ActiveSee also: DFL
DGDI+A GDI+ conversion for D ForumClwLibraries: GUIActive 
DGrammarGrammar compiler/compiler for D which uses syntax like yacc - fully OOP ForumsvanleentDevelopment ToolsActive 
DiamondD Memory Debugger ForumCyberShadowDevelopment ToolsActive 
Dig-DugA Debugger for D Forum Development ToolsInactive "on hold" for a long time
dilA hand-crafted compiler implementation for D ForumAzizDevelopment ToolsActivemain project website: GoogleCode:dil
D Journal ArticlesA staging area for articles for The D Journal Forum   just a forum
DInstallerinstalls D, DSSS, and Tango or Phobos Forumlmartin92Development ToolsActive 
DLanChata LAN chat program Forumt4ch1k0m4Server ResourcesActive 
dLISPAn implementation of Lisp in D ForumPeyloWLibraries: SystemActiveproject is probably not active, see topic with suggestions for updating the source
dluaLua 5.1 bindings for D ForumAndersDevelopment ToolsActive 
DManagerD Project Manager/Mini-IDE in Delphi ForumDavidMDevelopment ToolsActive 
DMDSource repository for the DMD compilerN/Abraddr, walterDevelopment ToolsActive 
dmdfeDMD Front End ForumBenHinkleDevelopment ToolsActive 
dmd-installerVarious installer packages for DMD ForumbraddrServer ResourcesActive 
DMocksA mock objects framework for D ForumdhasenanDevelopment ToolsActive 
dnetA UDP client/server networking library ForumbaneLibraries: SystemActive 
dnewsNNTP library and applications ForumJim PanicLibraries: SystemActive 
DocoaA D -> Objective-C bridge Forum Libraries: SystemActiveDocoa is likely abandoned, but an active project with similar goals seems to be the D/Objective-C Bridge.
DoodleDoodle is a simple diagramming tool. ForumdavebDevelopment ToolsActive 
doola runtime D object oriented library ForumAntLibraries: SystemActive 
Doostset of libraries ported from Boost Forumaarti_plLibraries: SystemActiveSee also: BoostInspiredProjects
DParserA D port of the DMD front-end ForumAgentOrangeDevelopment ToolsActive 
DPlota port of Gnuplot to D ForumschaniLibraries: GUIActive 
dragon-stla STL thats more or as powerful as C++ Forum Libraries: SystemInactive 
drangesnew algorithms and ranges based on and inspired by D2 std.algorithm & std.range and some functional languages Forumn/aDevelopment ToolsActive 
DREDeformative Runtime Evaluator ForumDeformativeDevelopment ToolsActive 
DReactorA high speed, asynchronous server framework modeled after the fashionable reactor pattern. ForumrrichardsonLibraries: SystemActive 
druntimeA freestanding version of the Tango runtime usable by Phobos and Tango ForumseanLibraries: SystemActive 
D Server PlatformAn application server container written in D ForumtokuokaServer ResourcesInactive 
DsharperC# to D converter ForumBCSDevelopment ToolsActive main website
DSPA dynamic servlet generation toolkit, designed for web servers ForumpragmaServer ResourcesActive 
DSSSextends upon 'build' and intends to be a de-facto standard environment for the acquisition, construction, installation and use of D software ForumGregorDevelopment ToolsActiveSee also: DSSS
dstatsa statistics library for D, focused primarily but not exclusively on descriptive statistics and non-parametric hypothesis testing ForumdsimchaLibraries: SystemActiveused to be in Scrapple
DStepbindings/bridge to Objective-C making it possible to use system libraries (Cocoa, Carbon, etc) on Mac OS X ForumdoobDevelopment ToolsActive 
dstressa D programming language conformance test suite ForumChristianKDevelopment ToolsActive 
DTkclient/server D2 binding to the Tk ForumbaspLibraries: GUIActive 
DUTD Unit Testing Forumteqdruid, antdengineer Abandoned 
DWinTango based library for simple but useful D, Extensions to Tango ForumyidabuServer ResourcesActive 
DWTA port of the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) from Java to D ForumShawn LiuLibraries: GUIActive 
DWT2dwt2N/A?Libraries: GUI??no Trac environment
DWT-addonsPorts of JFace functionality and other high-level stuff building on top of dwt. ForumkeinfarbtonLibraries: GUIActive 
DWT-linuxA port of SWT 3.3 to Linux GTK ForumJJR, keinfarbtonLibraries: GUIActive 
DWT-mac N/AkeinfarbtonLibraries: GUIActive 
DWT-samplesDWT examples and snippets. Perhaps additional tutorial sources. A wild growing examples collection. ForumkeinfarbtonLibraries: GUIActive 
DWT-winA port of SWT 3.3 for Windows ForumJJRLibraries: GUIActive 
DXBDXB (short for D XML Binding) is supposed to be a framework for XML to Object binding and vice versa. ForumDFriendLibraries: SystemActive 
dxmpsource code annotator like Ruby's xmpfilter ForumrubikitchDevelopment ToolsActive 
DXULXUL GUI implementation in D ForumgbatyanLibraries: GUIActive 
Dynamina cross-platform GUI library original to D ForumModerator JordanLibraries: GUIActive 
EBNFA template based EBNF (Extended Backus-Naur Form) parsing library ForumRob86TALibraries: SystemActive 
ElementA Multimedia Application Toolkit ForumtrevorparscalLibraries: GUIActive 
Elephant IDEAn IDE for D ForumqbertDevelopment ToolsActive 
EvanescentAlgorithms for Reasoning with Propositional Logic in D ForumuwekLibraries: SystemActive 
FastCGI4Da Tango compatible FastCGI library in D ForumxammyServer ResourcesActive 
fbdFacebook client library ForumCarlosServer ResourcesActive 
FileBasea simple textfile-based database ForumpeterServer ResourcesActive 
Fingerpainta cross-platform GUI library written in Native D code ForumGaboonViperLibraries: GUIActiveformerly known as Dception
Flectioneda smallish runtime reflection module that allows exploration of D's functions and aggregate types ForumThomasLibraries: SystemActive 
flowerdA project to bring D and the web closer together forumbobefServer ResourcesActiveSubprojects: HTMLayout wrapper, Flowerd framework, FlowerScript, CGI, Hypertext Preprocessor
FragBotsRobocode-like game in 3D Forumh3r3ticGamesActive 
FreeUniverseAn open-ended space simulation game featuring smart AI and randomly generated items and areas ForumPhr00tGamesActive 
Freudoa Euphoria interpreter plus a few helper tools ForumDerek ParnellDevelopment ToolsActive 2008-02-17: project not dead
FruitFactorya game ForumasteriteGamesActive 
Futurisman implementation of the "future" concept for concurrent programming, along with related algorithms and tools ForumkevinbealerLibraries: SystemActiveSee also: Implementation of C++0x's "future" syntax, Futurism lib (futures in D)
GALDImplements Geometric Algebra for simulating physics, aerospace control, or 3D animation.N/AJoelCSalomonLibraries: SystemActive 
GDB PatchesGDB patches for debugging in D ForumteqdruidDevelopment ToolsActive Essentially Defunct
GentooGentoo Linux ebuilds for various D goodies ForumlightozeDevelopment ToolsActive 
GefuegeAn open source game engine ForumduronthedarkGamesActive 
gmp4dOOP Bindings to the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library ForumxammyLibraries: SystemActive 
GoldieA lex/parse engine for grammars defined with GOLD Parser Builder ForumAbscissaDevelopment ToolsActive 
gtkDa D language graphical user interface based on GTK+ graphical toolkit ForumAntLibraries: GUIActiveproject formerly known as DUI or DUIT
guisteraxMaelstrom-inspired game Forumcharlie137GamesActive 
h2d.h to .d conversion tool Forum Development ToolsInactive 
Happy MarsD-related Arch Linux packages ForumAndersDevelopment ToolsActive 
HaxePreDA Preprocessor for the Haxe Language ForumAbscissaDevelopment ToolsActive 
HelixApplied Mathematics Routines ForumnailLibraries: SystemActiveApparently abandoned, but a new version of Helix has been checked into OpenMeshD. Includes subproject: CandyDoc
HessianDimplementation of the Hessian Protocol, a binary webservice protocol ForumrracaruServer ResourcesActive 
hoofbabySimple transcoding UPnP server ForumfraserofthenightServer ResourcesActive 
HydrusA Server-based IDE implemented in D ForumRedShodanDevelopment ToolsInactive 
ICFP 2004for 2004 ICFP contest Forum   just a forum, see also: ICFP2004
iD3tango based library for reading and writing id3v1 and id3v2 tags ForumKurushiyamaLibraries: SystemActive 
IndigoA project to provide general containers for D that look & feel like the Qt 4.0 container classes, and additionally harmonize very well with D specialties Forumuwe, torhuLibraries: SystemActive 
IntelliDA text editor that provides programmers with various tools to write D applications such as D Intellisense, syntax highlighting. ForumRakanDevelopment ToolsActive 
JunoSimplifying Windows Development ForumJohnLibraries: SystemActiveincludes tlibimpd
Kobaltnew GUI toolkit ForumdarkdragonLibraries: GUIActive 
kongCode hooking, ELF/PE (32/64bit) parser, IA32 disassembly, Memory analysis ForumilmLibraries: SystemActive 
KotivoxA diary program which encrypts your text ForummitjaMisc. AppsActive 
L8nightMike Wynn's libraries - DFC (D foundation classes) a set of classes to ease GUI development Forum Libraries: GUIInactive 
The Language MachineA toolkit for language and grammar ForummpahDevelopment ToolsActive 
ledsa linux DUI toolkit D language editor ForumAntDevelopment ToolsActive 
leetless.deA game library development siteN/AasmanianGamesActive 
LifeJohn Conway's Life in D ForumjvburnesGamesActive 
LLVMDCa LLVM D compiler ForumlindquistDevelopment ToolsActive 
lr-lalrlr(1)/lalr(1) parser Forum Libraries: SystemInactive 
LuaDLua interface for easy, fast embedding of Lua in D ( example: ) ForumjA_cOpServer ResourcesActive 
LuaLiba complete OO wrapper for Lua 5.1 with mixins for convenient function registration ForumTrass3rServer ResourcesActive 
LuigiAn onscreen OpenGL-based GUI library ForumbaxissimoLibraries: GUIActive 
LylaA matrix and linear-algebra library for large scale matrices. ForumlyroLibraries: SystemActive 
MangoCollection of packages for server-side programming Forumkris, teqdruidServer ResourcesActiveSee also: Mango
MathematicsMathematics Library ForumsclytrackLibraries: SystemActive 
MathExtraMathematical Statistical and Special Functions ForumDon ClugstonLibraries: SystemActiveProject was "abandoned", but most of it has been incorporated into Tango.
MDEModular D game-oriented Engine ForumCyborg16GamesActiveProject may use git for RCS.
MegaMan X CrossfireMegaMan X fan game with ArcLib ForumdeadimpGamesActive 
metaUtility library for template metaprogramming and compile time function execution ForumxammyLibraries: SystemActive 
MicrocosmA portable pseudo-OS that runs as a guest in any other OSno forum?GregorLibraries: SystemActive 
MiniDa scripting language based on D and designed with D as the host language in mind ForumJarrettBillingsleyDevelopment ToolsActive 
MinWina GUI toolkit ForumBenHinkle, lindquistLibraries: GUIActivefiles were hosted on Ben Hinkle's website, but now files are hosted in's svn
moltA Java to D source-code converter ForumstonecobraDevelopment ToolsActive 
Monsteran advanced scripting language made for game programming ForumnkorslundGamesActive Monster 0.3, Monster 0.2 released!
MultiArrayA library for scientific computing with multidimensional arrays. Includes wrappers for the BLAS and LAPACK Fortran libraries ForumbaxissimoLibraries: SystemActive 
myrrdina try to develop a object-oriented and easy-to-use tile engine. It is based on Tango and DSFML. Forumfred.reichbierLibraries: GUIActive 
NanuPort of Mono to the D Language Forummarkm11Libraries: SystemActive 
NeptuneA microkernel operating system in D for the x86_64 architecture ForumspealServer ResourcesActive 
nonagonA DirectX 9 3D game engine ForumJarrettBillingsleyGamesActive 
nonoBindings to Mono runtime, to allow for embedding .NET applications in D ForumVladsharpDevelopment ToolsActive 
NovaA library for (un)common data structures and algorithms in D ForumKlausOLibraries: SystemActive 
Odin's Eye3D engine very inspired by Ogre ForumMrSunshineLibraries: GUIActive 
OpenMeleea top-down, 2D Space Combat game based on Star Control ForumzzzzrrrGamesActive 
OpenMeshDA port of OpenMesh to D ForumbaxissimoLibraries: GUIActive 
OpenMWa D-based Morrowind reimplementation, ForumnkorslundGamesActiveSee webpage
OrionAn IDE for D ForumJaymz031602Development ToolsInactive 
osianA micro-kernel written in D. ForumsyllogismLibraries: SystemActive 
p2p-guiP2P client web interface for multiple clients ForummandelLibraries: GUIActive 
PhobosThe DigitalMars standard library for DnoneWalterBright, braddr, andrei, seanLibraries: SystemActivePhobos ( announcement)
PineappleA D implementation of the Foundation framework by Apple ForumlifeloverDevelopment ToolsActive 
PoseidonAn open source D editor written with DWT ForumShawn LiuDevelopment ToolsActive 
Potential ProjectsDiscuss/request new projects for dsource Forum   just a forum
PyDAn object-oriented wrapper around the Python API ForumKirkMcDonaldLibraries: SystemActiveSee also: PythonD
QonkDA small build-and-conquer strategy game with very simple rules. Forumbarrett9hGamesActive 
QtDQt bindings to D programming language ForumeldarLibraries: GUIActive 
QuantLibDA comprehensive framework for quantitative finance based on C++'s QuantLib ForumtomekLibraries: SystemActive 
RaeA general purpose GUI library using OpenGL ForumkaarnaLibraries: GUIActiveProject used to be called Pihlaja
Raya smallish library for 3D graphics ForumLinkerLibraries: GUIActive 
reclsA D binding of the recls recursive search library ForummatthewLibraries: SystemActive 
rulesPlayerWin32 GUI for MPlayer in D/DWT ForumbobefMisc. AppsActive 
RylixRylix space sim Forum GamesInactiveno Trac environment
SableDDA port of the SableCC Compiler Compiler Tool for D source code generation Forum Development ToolsActive 
SchoonerOpenGL libraries for the D programming language ForumBradley SmithLibraries: GUIActive 
ScrappleA place for those cool little libraries that keep popping up, have ~100 LOC, and have-nothing-to-do-with-anything-else type of characteristic. ForumBCSMisc. AppsActive 
scregexpstatically compiled regular expression library Forummp4Libraries: SystemActive 
sdboSimple Database Objects for D (ODBC API class collection) Forum Libraries: SystemInactive 
SeamzGoodSeamzGood is an implementation of the seam-carving algorithm described by Shai Avidan and Ariel ShamiI? at SigGraph 2007 ForumalilokoMisc. AppsActive 
SemiTwist D ToolsMisc collection of tools, such as a shell-script-like library, command-line parser, and useful mixins. ForumAbscissaDevelopment ToolsActive 
SenderoAn MVC web application framework with zero-configuration ORM and out-of-the-box Internationalization and AJAX support. Forumaaronc542Server ResourcesActiveoriginally called "Descalzo"?
serializationa small-scale boost::serialization port ForumChristianKLibraries: SystemActive 
SimpleXMLDA XML Library similar to PHP's SimpleXML, which could load XML file into memory as a tree structure and manipulate them easily. ForumbrianhsuServer ResourcesActive 
SinbadAn implementation of the OGRE 3D engine in D Forum Libraries: GUIActive 
Sitedsource site forum Forum   just a forum
SmallXMLeasy XML parser for D - based on Phobos ForumduronthedarkDevelopment ToolsActive 
solA raytracer app ported from C to D ForummrshoeLibraries: GUIActive 
Stacystochastic tracer ForumFeepingCreatureLibraries: GUIActive 
std2ports of D2 phobos std.* modules to D1 ForumbaxissimoLibraries: SystemActive Start of std2
StratagemThis library provides experimental code and programs related to game theory, intelligent software agents, and related artificial intelligence topics. There current code base includes code for solving Sokoban puzzles and for poker hand analysis. ForumkevinbealerGamesActive 
SUnitsA simple utility for units conversion. Uses matlab like command prompt. ForumnicesaiLibraries: SystemActive 
svgplotA graphics library that draws simple plots using SVG Forumaaronc542Libraries: GUIActive 
Swarm'DA BitTorrent Client ForumwyrmchildMisc. AppsActive 
swig4dSWIG for D Forum Libraries: SystemObsoleteD support has been officially added to SWIG in November 2010.
Sync4OgoSmall Tool for synchronisation with ogo devices ForummiwiLibraries: SystemActivea/k/a Sync4Ogh? See also Sourceforge site
TangoTango aims to be a world class general purpose library in D. .phobos, .mango, .posix, .win32, .unicode, .toolsvariousDevelopment ToolsInactive 
tango.scrappleA collection of handy Tango based codes and classes that otherwise don't have a home. Forumflithmn/aActive 
tangobosA tango-phobos compatibility layer ForumGregorLibraries: SystemActive 
TankWarsA 2D game using the latest stable tango branch of ArcLib? to create a military style grand theft auto type of game. ForumclayasaurusGamesActiveTankWars is a little unfinished game using the D programming language and the arclib-tango-stable v.2 branch. You can only run around and shoot at helicopters and tanks, and you can edit game levels with the editor. Expect a lot of bugs. This project will is not likely to be developed further, unless someone else takes it over.
TinyTankEngine3D battlefield game engine where you drive around ground vehicles (tanks) and shoot stuff ForumbaneGamesActive 
TDCTrivial D Compiler ForumGregorDevelopment ToolsActive 
The Silc ProjectThe Silc Project aims to develop a new scripting language called Silc. For details see www.silc.chN/AmbrotzDevelopment ToolsActive 
TinyXPathA small footprint XPath syntax decoder, written in D ForumyossarianLibraries: SystemActive 
TioLinkBridge from Java to D and vice versa ForumkeinfarbtonLibraries: SystemActiveForum now shared with DBus-D.
TioPortJava to D converter ForumkeinfarbtonDevelopment ToolsActive 2007-08-18: project is stalled, but TioLink project may succeed.
TitanExokernel in D and ASM ForumtrevorparscalLibraries: SystemActive 
TracForumsForums and Blog plugin for Trac pragmaMisc. Apps  
TransferServerA server/mail/etc. suite ForumbmeckServer ResourcesActive 
tutorialsThis project is a group of examples for D. Forumjcc7Misc. AppsActiveSee also: D Tutorials
unDigBurton Radons' original Dig library patched to work under newer dmd compilers Forumjcc7, Carlos, HohumsLibraries: GUIInactive abandoned
UniDCross-Platform Desktop-Application Development Library ForumtrevorparscalLibraries: GUIActive 
UniversalCross-platform application framework based around OpenGL GUI library ForumFreeagleLibraries: GUIActive 
Vangosimple multimedia library ForumbmeckMisc. AppsActive 
Vector2Dan arena shooter with vector graphics, evolutive tree-based ships and innovative gameplay ForumalilokoGamesActive 
VelocityA native D game engine ForumkylefurlongGamesActive 
VSpluginDVisual Studio plugin for D Language ForumrslDevelopment ToolsActive 
WalnutJavaScript Engine. Smaller. Faster. Stronger. Forumdan.lewisLibraries: SystemActiveBranched from Walter Bright's DMDScript. Goal is to clean up the source in a dramatic way and perhaps to introduce ActiveX.
WatcherAn FTP remote synchronization program ForumpragmaDevelopment ToolsActive 
WombatA framework for building web applications in D. ForumqbertServer ResourcesActive 
XMLPXML standards conforming validating and non-validating parser ForumMichael RynnDevelopment ToolsActive 
xmpplibprovides base work with Jabber ForumcrykeDevelopment ToolsActive 
YageA cross-platform, general purpose, free (LGPL) 3D game engine Forum GamesActive 
yamlyaml parser/writer ForumgrignaakLibraries: SystemActive 

(includes projects that are only partially hosted by dsource, such as just a forum on dsource)


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