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Page Discussions are just like those found on Wikipedia, you discuss what should/shouldn't happen to the page. Due to the low traffic on Wiki4D and many of its pages a reply may never come.

July 17, 2009

I can't stand this page. I like what it is trying to do, but feel does not fulfill that job. The content is not likely to get updated, just tried to do some myself. The issue is that it is too hard to find anything in the page source. The only real added value is the state of Inactive/Active but I do not believe these to be accurate. I feel the page should die and probably redirect to the if possible.

-- JessePhillips

July 18, 2009

I like the page, and I update it by adding new projects probably at least once a month. It's more comprehensive than any page you'll find at since the idea is to include all projects and all forums. If you delete it, I'll just put the content somewhere else on the web. The "activity" doesn't really mean anything other than that's what the forum group that it is in (or "was in" as occasionally forums are unceremoniously moved). I can remove it if that will help you like the page better. I don't want to be in the business of offending project owners by labeling their projects dead prematurely. -- JustinCalvarese

July 18 2009

Since it is too hard accurately provide activity level, it should probably not be in the table. However, I do not believe that improves my opinion of the page. It does have a nice amount of information, but I think it is too much. I'm not sure if this is accurate, but these are the situations I see people looking for projects.

  1. Finding an existing tool for their problem
  2. Finding a project similar to their idea
  3. Evaluating the library support of the language
  4. Participating in a project that interest them
  5. Gathering more information about a project
The first two require good categorization and search tools. The next two generally benefit from some categorizing and a small description. All off these lead to the last point, which I believe this page delivers. The only organization is by project name, and this make the page look intimidating. I think the gathering of more information can be done going to the homepage; it is important to provide an easy path to get there.

And to pass on a comment about the sourceforge page, "any value in a page specific to SF? Where they're hosted is much less relevant than _what_ is hosted"

That said, I will not do any harm to the page. I will only bring this up again if a suitable alternative presents itself.

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