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I was wondering if you had any idea if SWIG for D will be able to produce suitable interfaces for wxWidgets (formerly called wxWindows). I've heard that wxPython is created using SWIG, and "wxD" could come in handy. -- JustinCalvarese

I hadn't thought of that. Are there any STL objects exposed in the interface? I cannot handle those yet. Also, there will be one D file per class at the moment and that may be a bit messy if there are a lot of classes. One alternative would be to provide an option to put all the generated shadow classes into one file. Is it possible to put compiled D into a library under Linux? I guess so because phobos is one, but I have not done it yet. I guess a Windows version would be useful as well. -- JohnFletcher

I don't know if or how STL is used in wxWidgets. I'm not as concerned about the folders being cluttered if it works. I don't know about libraries in Linux. I'm mostly a Windows user. I've tried out wxWidgets in Python, and I liked what I saw. When you get to the point where you release your SWIG changes, I'd probably throw wxWidgets at it and see what happens. There's no harm in trying. -- Justin Calvarese

wxWidget doesn't use STL. When the library development started 10 or 12 years ago, few compilers were supporting templates. Since the goal of the library was to be portable, they have used a set of macros to implement generics. But users can use the STL however. -- Remy Moueza

Thanks for this. I have developed the range of the types which can be wrapped (see above). I also think it will be possible to build shared libraries for the SWIG wrapped classes, at least for Linux, which will help the user of such codes. -- JohnFletcher

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