Last update July 10, 2004

Dwith Swig /

Under windows I have ported the files prepared using the method described in DwithSwig/Linux and then compiled the files with DMD and DMC. That is obviously only useful for someone who has access to Linux.

See /Examples for detailed examples.

It is possible to compile and run SWIG under Windows. I have done this with earlier versions using Microsoft C++. An alternative which I have used for this version of SWIG is to use Cygwin to provide an environment for running SWIG and then compile the wrapped files using DMD and DMC. I have been able to install SWIG in Cygwin and have run some tests, wrapping an example for ruby. I now also used this method for D by generating the files from /Examples/Function using SWIG under cygwin and then compiling them under Windows.


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