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Blackbird For Eclipse

yet another eclipse D editor


Installation Instructions

  1. Install Java JRE or SDK from
  2. Download and install Eclipse (
  3. Download and unzip blackbird.antlr_1.0.0 into the eclipse plugins folder.
  4. Download and unzip blackbird.editor_1.2.0 and blackbird.editor_1.2.0 into the eclipse plugins folder.
  5. You might also need to install the CDT (C/C++ editor, available at, but I'm not sure.
-- JustinCalvarese

Installation tips (from NG:digitalmars.D.announce/949)

You may need to remove the original eclipseD first.

I found that Eclipse can remember the associated program to open the D file. If eclipseD is used to open the D file before, Eclipse uses eclipseD to open it. So remove eclipseD first and restart Eclipse. Eclipse will find blackbird to open D files. Then you can copy the removed eclipseD back again. But eclipse opens the D file using blackbird this time since it remembers blackbird as the associated program to open D files.

Apparently, development of blackbird has been halted due to its author's involvement with DDT (part of the EclipseD project at ( NG:digitalmars.D/30103, NG:digitalmars.D/30113, NG:digitalmars.D/30114).

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