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Eclipse is an extensible IDE framework, mostly known for JDT, the high quality Java IDE.

Eclipse based D IDEs

There have been many Eclipse based D IDEs:

IDEFirst ReleaseStatus
EclipseD 2003-10DISCONTINUED (superceded-by/absorbed-into DDT (2006))
blackbird2005-7DISCONTINUED (superceded-by/absorbed-into DDT (2006))
Descent2006-10Inactive as of 2010
DDT (Mmrnmhrm) 2007-06 (became DDT in 2010-11)Active as of 2010-11

Descent and DDT are by far the more feature-rich IDEs. Descent is more featured than DDT, but it doesn't properly support D2, whereas DDT has better support for it. As of 2010-11 DDT is the only actively developed IDE.

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