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Kate Editor

Kate is part of the KDE desktop environment. (See also: KDevelop)

It uses the KatePart text editor component which supports syntax highlighting for D.

You can use the External Tools feature to make use of any D build tools you might need.


  • MDI, window splitting, window tabbing
  • Spell checking
  • CR, CRLF, LF newline support
  • Encoding support (utf-8, utf-16, ascii etc.)
  • Encoding conversion
  • Regular expression based find & replace
  • Powerfull syntax highlighting and bracket matching
  • Code and text folding
  • Infinite undo/redo support
  • Block selection mode
  • Auto indentation
  • Auto completion support
  • Shell integration
  • Wide protocol support (http, ftp, ssh, webdav etc.)
  • Plugin architecture for the application and editor component
  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Integrated command line
  • Full DCOP scripting
  • Scriptable using JavaScript (KDE 3.5)


Other notes

The latest D syntax highlighting can be loaded via the integrated update feature. Select Settings -> Configure Kate -> Editor -> Highlighting -> Download. Currently it supports the syntax of DMD 1.020 / 2.003.

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