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Sci TE

An Open-Source ( Scintilla-based) editor for Window or Linux. It now includes built-in support for D since Scintilla added a D parser.

Official home page

Custom SciTE code editor for D

The official SciTE download from didn't used to include support for D syntax, a version that supports D was only available at It should properly handle all D's features, such as nesting comments, different string types with prefixes and suffixes, etc - Chris (based on NG:digitalmars.D.announce/2084)

Any chance of extending this to support language parsing and some rudimentary code-completion or intellisense?

In you can add "api.<filepattern>=<file.api>", e.g.

and put prototypes in the api file. If you compile a nice api file, please post it (to wiki if you like).

(from NG:digitalmars.D.announce/2191)

share SciTe api file, keywords and functions highlight file for D

Older D syntax Highlighting

origin unknown, adapted by AndyFriesen:

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