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VSpluginD is a plugin for Visual Studio 2005. It is written in C# using VS SDK.

It requires VS Standard or above editions -- it doesn't work in the Express Edition.

Currently it supports D Syntax Highlighing, BraceMatching and Basic Build operations. Intellisense is incomplete, it completes only local/global declarations and MemberCompletion for simple types like "struct vec3{float x,y,z;}"

VSpluginD will be open sourced, though I've not uploaded the source yet. Anyone interested in Visual Studio plugin please help.

(adapted from NG:digitalmars.D.announce/2531)

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IDE Plugin

I'm developing a D IDE plugin for Visual 2003 using the VSIP SDK.

Currently only basic features are available:

  • Project Creating
  • Build
  • Debug
I'm planning to integrate full D Language Services into it, like code completion, method tips, etc.

Currently this plugin is not for practical use yet. But anyone who's interested in it, can they please test and report any bugs.

Adapted from NG:digitalmars.D/18102

See also: NG:digitalmars.D/18177, NG:digitalmars.D/18325, NG:digitalmars.D/20182

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