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Zeus For Windows

Zeus is an IDE designed for software development on the Windows platform and includes support for the D programming language:

Here are some additional ways to configure Zeus for the D programming language:

Home Page:


Some of the Zeus features include:
  • Automatic code indentation
  • Text block cut, copy, paste and indenting
  • Regular expression and multi-line search and replace
  • Project and workspace management
  • Code Folding for the D language (supports /+ +/ style block comments)
  • Syntax highlighting for the D language (supports /+ +/ style block comments)
  • Class browsing, intellisensing and auto completion for the D language
  • Integrated support for the ddbg debugger
  • Integrated version control includes support for CVS and SVN
  • Fully configurable compiler, linker and tool support
  • Built-in macro scripting supports Lua, Python and Java Script languages
  • Can be configured to use DMDScript as a macro scripting option
  • Emulates Brief, Epsilon and Emacs keyboard mappings
  • Fully Configurable syntax highlighting
  • Automatic CTAGS management includes support for the D language
  • Seamless FTP/SFTP editing

New D Language Keywords

The default installation comes with most of the D language keywords pre-defined.

But as new words are added to the language they can be easily add to IDE using the following steps:

  1. Select the Options/Document Types menu.
  2. Click on "D Document Type".
  3. Click on the "Edit..." button.
  4. Click on the "Keywords" tab.
  5. Enter the new keyword into one of the six keyword categories.
  6. Click on the "Add" button to add the keyword.
  7. Click "OK".

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