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Examples Roadmap

This page is intended as a guide to existing D samples and source code.

Official Examples

These are found in \dmd\samples\d\ in the standard DMD installation.

Sample NameDescriptionThings to find or learnCompile hint
helloextended "Hello World"command line arguments 
d2htmld to html conversion with syntax highlightingfile io, string module 
dclient.d dserver.d chello.dCOM examplecreating a COM client/server in D 
dhryDhrystone benchmarkstandard benchmark 
htmlgetsocketsuses std.socket, std.socketstreamdmd htmlget.d ws2_32.lib
pipi calculation (1..4000 digits)standard example 
sieveprime numbersstandard example 
testsimpler form of winsamplike winsamp 
wcchar (word, line) count in file(s)standard example 
wc2extended wc, word statisticsusing hash 
winsampWindows programrudimentary Windows program framedmd winsamp gdi32.lib winsamp.def

The file gives help hints as how to compile the examples (such as which .lib files are needed).

See also: D Tutorial

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