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Feature Request List

This is here for archive reasons, new requests should be created as a DIP.

There is another wish list around which seems to have been updated more recently. See

Date InWhoProposalStatusKey Posts
2007/10/25ForrestFeng?compile time char type identificationopen NG:digitalmars.D/60848
2007/08/25BruceAdamsContainers in standard library along the lines of STLopen Bugzilla:1420
2007/08/25Variouscall stack reflectionopen
2007/07/27Ender KaShaeimplicit casting for user defined typesopen NG:digitalmars.D/56116
2007/06/24Ender KaShaeobject oriented structs or new object oriented value typeopen NG:digitalmars.D/54930
2006/10/22Boris Kolarexplicit interface implementation (override void ...)open NG:digitalmars.D/55082
2006/10/20Bill Baxterimproved syntax for opApply implementationsopen NG:digitalmars.D/43016
2006/08/03Derek ParnellCopy operatoropen NG:digitalmars.D/41145
2005/06/21James McComb?#if #else #assert and #isignored NG:digitalmars.D/25611
2005/05/27Jarrett BillImplicit static module ctorsopen NG:digitalmars.D/24482
2005/05/21NodValue-based function overloadingopen NG:digitalmars.D/24061
variousvariousMultiple cast operators per classopen NG:digitalmars.D/26531
2005/03/09StewartGordonVersion of .sort using custom comparatoropen NG:digitalmars.D/18851
2005/03/04DerekParnellImplicit conversion between UTF string encodingsopen/ImplicitConversionBetweenUTF
2005/03/04DerekParnellAuto new-ing of classesopen/AutoNewingOfClasses
2005/02/11variousfloat#_t aliases (std.stdfloat) StdTypeAliaseswithdrawn 
variousvariousinout/out variadic parametersopen NG:digitalmars.D/13945
2004/11/29StewartGordonFloor-mod and floor-divide operatorsopen NG:digitalmars.D/13125
2004/11/15StewartGordon.toHash and .toString properties on primitive and array typesopen NG:digitalmars.D/12594
2004/10/29AndersFBjörklund"tchar" type aliasopen NG:digitalmars.D/12198
2004/10/19StewartGordonversion importcommented... NG:digitalmars.D/11981
2004/10/15AndersFBjörklundutf#_t aliases (std.stdutf) StdTypeAliasesopen NG:digitalmars.D/11821
2004/09/29StewartGordonImprovements to variadic functionsopen NG:digitalmars.D/11282
2004/09/06StewartGordonImplicit chaining of property assignmentsopen NG:digitalmars.D/10199
2004/08/22Arcane JillMark arrays on the heap as immovableopen NG:digitalmars.D/9385
2004/08/04EricAndertonTypedef-Block syntax for extending scalar typesopen NG:digitalmars.D/8159
2004/07/20StewartGordonExtern functions with mangled name specifiedopen NG:digitalmars.D/6619
2004/07/17KrisThe compiler should require the override keyword (an overriding method without the override keyword should result in a compile time error).open NG:digitalmars.D/6346
2004/07/16StewartGordonStandardised version identifiers for UI languageopen NG:digitalmars.D/6290
2004/07/01DennisLuehringuser defineable attributesopen NG:digitalmars.D/5086
2004/06/10JohnFletcherLinux Link Optionopen NG:D.gnu/673
2004/05/21Norbert NemecSather iteratorsopen NG:digitalmars.D/1669
(see also Coroutines?)
2004/04/28BillyZelsnacknew+with sugaropen NG:D/27679
2004/04/25Colin BreameWeak Referencesopen NG:D/28516
2004/03/29StewartGordonRetry statement for exception handlingopen NG:D/26696
2004/03/29StewartGordonLift arbitrary restrictions on array initialisationopen NG:D/26695
2004/03/29StewartGordonNull reference checking in development buildsopen NG:D/26693
2004/03/29StewartGordonC++-like stream I/Oopen (done in Mango) NG:D/25096
2004/03/25Mike SwietonImprove built-in unit testing supportopen NG:D/26354
2004/03/14JustinCalvareseAdding custom printf-like output to assert:
assert(testExpression, formattingString, ...);
assert(x==1, "x: %d", x);
open NG:D/25591
2004/01/29StewartGordonBlock case syntax:
switch (qwert) {
case 1 {
yuiop = 3;
case 2, 3, 4 {
yuiop = 4;
open NG:D/22722
2004/01/13StewartGordonArray aggregate propertiesopen NG:D/21671
2003/12/10CAdd a .remove property to arrays for resizingopen 
2003/12/03 Change the cast operator to postfix like:
ignored NG:D/19731 NG:D/17712
2003/12/03 Change the constructor and destructor names to
ctor() and dtor()
instead of this() and ~this() or something else
ignored NG:D/637 NG:D/14847
2003/12/03Mark BrudnakUnicode Operatorsopen NG:D/19736
2003/11/26Mark BrudnakMultiple return values (like Matlab)open NG:D/19501
2003/11/26Mark BrudnakNative support for plugin modulesrejected: this should be at the lib level NG:D/19501
2003/11/26Berin Loritschstandard binary layout (byte code)ignored NG:D/19470
2003/08/09nobodyCoroutinesdormant NG:D/15297
2003/04/21Matthew WilsonEach thread should have a "name"ignored NG:D/12842
2003/04/06HelmutLeitnerDelegate/Function pointer conversionplanned for 2.0 ( NG:D/12571, NG:D/26318) NG:D/12570
2001/08/16Michael LindnerClass for thread-specific storageignored NG:D/137
2001/08/16Ben CohenMultiple InheritanceTry using an interface for a bolt-in ( NG:D/25856) NG:D/43

status should be "open" or the action taken or expressed by Walter:

open[: comment]
implemented[: comment]
accepted[: comment]
rejected[: comment]
ignored[: comment]


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FeatureRequestList/VariableArgumentListsJanuary 18, 2008 21:38
FeatureRequestList/UnicodeOperatorsJanuary 18, 2008 21:37
FeatureRequestList/MixinsJanuary 18, 2008 21:35
FeatureRequestList/DefaultArgumentsJanuary 18, 2008 21:33
FeatureRequestList/CoroutinesJanuary 18, 2008 21:32
FeatureRequestList/LocalScopeOperatorJanuary 17, 2008 12:26
FeatureRequestList/CompileTimeCharTypeIdentificationOctober 25, 2007 19:28
FeatureRequestList/MultipleReturnValuesOctober 18, 2007 22:15
FeatureRequestList/CopyOperatorJuly 2, 2007 17:34
FeatureRequestList/LinuxLinkOptionJanuary 17, 2007 22:37
FeatureRequestList/AutoNewingOfClassesJuly 3, 2006 14:26
FeatureRequestList/ImplicitConversionBetweenUTFMarch 4, 2005 15:02


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