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What is a Coroutine?

Newsgroup Discussion    

Initial suggestion    

Has coroutine (sather style iterator) been discussed before on this list? Will D has something similar?

C# has it. Sather has it. Python has it.

Some discussion on comp.lang.eiffel:

Adapted from NG:D/15297

Walter's posts    

From NG:D/15345:

Coroutines are pretty cool. They aren't in D now, but they could be added in the future.

From NG:D/15361:
I'd like to eventually add coroutines to D, but there are other things that need to be done first. If you'd like to do a coroutine class, sort of like some of the C++ ones out there, that could become part of Phobos. It could hide the portability issues.

From NG:D/15374:
I'm going to have to study it a bit. Can you make it work on linux? Write a doc file for it?

From NG:D/15349:
I've been reading about fibers on google, but I am not yet convinced they are the right solutions for coroutines because:
1) seems like a lot of overhead to manage them
2) not portable

From NG:D/15434:
It sounds like fibers have an ill-designed implementation, and are not ready for prime time. Besides, I may have found a neato way to do iterators without need of coroutines.

From NG:D/15476:
I want to try and implement it first to see if it works. I have my best ideas when out jogging, including this one. What I like to do is 'load up on context', which means do all my research at the computer, with this newsgroup, google, my books, etc. Then out the door for a run. I think all the pounding seems to throw all the bits of data around in the air, shaking them around until they fit together <g>.

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