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This is what I first put on the ../Games page, then crossposted at NG:digitalmars.empire/110 but that BB has not the same formatting capabilities (even gobbles whitespace at beg of lines) so if it is not deprecated, I try to place the subtopic here.

  • I missed here any link to the "default" game, so here it is:
  • I can imaging the following blabla is not suitable here, so those who know HOW TO, please transfer this to a more adequate place (newsgroup, subpage,...):
  • It seems, several contributers were interested in improving the source (the current official version (which is 2.03 and not 2.01 as written on the page - as of today, 20.7.06)), as well as "Stewart's" version(smjg), are broken for the current compiler version (missing std.c.string (& other) includes, deprecated shadowing,...).
    • I made a working version (avoiding 100% CPU load, reimplementing the "destrucive move warning/confirmation" as popup requester, help window does not crash when noncursor keys are pressed,...), but just like Stewart's, it has a problem with the "Open..." function (can't open before starting a first "New game...").
    • I would be interested in sharing and improving it - it should be quite easy to implement:
      • a "mouse-click" popup menu for giving/changing orders for a given unit/city and/or switch to survey mode
      • to customize many options (size & choice of map, keyboard commands (make cursor keys work - imagine you had an AZERTY keyboard...!)
      • write a map generator, either "fully" automatic (looking at the source code for the version distributed by debian linux), or semi-automatic (continent-growing function etc. like in ye olden days...), or both.
      -- MFH

    I'm already working on more improvements, including updating it to current DMD. See my reply on the newsgroup.... -- StewartGordon

By the way, it isn't the BB that gobbles up whitespace. It's the buggy web interface. Get yourself a newsreader and point it to the server for a better way. -- StewartGordon

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