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Here you will find the principles that have driven the current layout the wiki.

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Creating a page   
Finding a location   
Example String   

Creating a page    

Deciding if the content should be a new page or just be added to an existing one can depend on many things. If it is a small amount of content it could probably be placed on an existing page, it could always be turned into a page later. Or if more pages are expected to come off of it, then a new page is also appropriate.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a new page.

Don't put your link on the front page
People don't want to be told what to read, if the page is linked to in the proper locations then people will find it if they are interested. To get a little bit of traffic, mention it on the D newsgroup.
The general format of a page is
introduction, table of contents ([[toc]], optional), content, related.
Projects have their own homepage
This site isn't Wikipedia, if you are looking to create a page for a project and you're not using it as your projects homepage. What ends up happening is the content placed here becomes outdated since the owner is not maintaining this one.

Finding a location    

Start by thinking about the content and who your target audience is. Go to the FrontPage and just follow the links as though you were that person. You are likely going to want to place it in two or more locations. Consider the content and would best discribe it.

Is it a newsgroup discussion?
Generally if you are dealing with a newsgroup discussion it is content about Language Development. If it was posted in learn than Development With D is probably a safe bet.
Does it define how the language works?
Not to be confused with "How to do something in the language." In this case you would want to consider Language Specification.
Does it explain why something is?
Language Specification. These would be things that are undisputed or known not to be changing any time soon, e.g. Strings, however if the content is discussion then it should go to Language Development.
Is it about coming from another language?
Learning D as a second language
Does it have to do with getting things done in D?
Development With D
Is it related to Wiki4D?
If it is about the content and discussion of Wiki4D pages, consider creating a "discussion" sub-page and link to it at the bottom of the page.
Is it to help people use the wiki?
It should then be placed as a subpage to HelpCenter.

Example String    

Having a String class has been a hot topic in the past. The end result has just been an alias to char[] D1.x, immutable(char)[] (D2.x) and six pages here:

is written in a manner that explains why there are three "string" types. This is best placed in Language Specification, and since it does cover using strings it could be referenced within Language Development.
is written as more of a howto style positioning it for Development with D specifically as a Tutorial.
Is just a class to represent a string. Since this is old and unneeded it was not referenced, but could have gone to the Libraries section.
is more of a discussion page, this makes it a conidate for Language Development
Writen in the same maner as TextInD, instead of creating a new page (TextInD) This one should have been changed or replaced.
See above.

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