Last update January 25, 2008


CVS access is at Helmut's. Use the following login:

 cvs -d login

Using WinCVS, the path is "/usr/local/cvs4d", the host address is "", the user name is "duser". Then hit okay and Admin/Login; the password is "duser".

Then checkout the "icfp2003" module (directory icfp2003 will be created as subdirectory to the current directory):

 cvs -d checkout icfp2003

Since we're all going to use the same user, mark your imports (and commits) with your name.

Typical commands:

 cvs update (get latest version of current directory)
 cvs update -d (update including subdirectories)
 cvs commit (put changes to the repository)
 cvs add file_or_dir (needs commit afterwards)
 cvs add -kb file (binary file, needs commit afterwards)

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