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Do we have IRC?

Use DALNet and connect to #DIFCP. I mispelled it. Ack. -- BurtonRadons

I dunno. but i suggest every participant (or possible participant) enters his networks and nicks here. This may make evident which comes in question. -- IlyaMinkov?

Real NameNickNetwork
Ilya MinkovmidiclubIRCNet
Ilya MinkovmidiclubOdigo IM
Ilya Minkov111361820ICQ IM
Helmut Leitnerhele314DALNet
Burton RadonsBurtonRadonsDALNet

I'm an absolute chat beginner. I've installed mIRC (Nick: hele314). I suppose that means IRCNet. How can we have a private chatroom for the project? Could you identify yourself at "Prefernces", make RecentChanges much easier to read. -- HelmutLeitner

You are not visible as hele314 on IRCNet. Check your Options -> connect -> Network, limit it to IRCNet. And look in the dropdown box just below - it would tell you what network you are on. I suggest you pick "IRCNet: EU: AT: ...something". If you take the wrong country, your conection would be restricted or won't work at all. is free of such restrictions, just see their homepage. -- IlyaMinkov?

I suggest people can also add their instant messenger location here. (ICQ, MSN, AIM, Odigo) -- IlyaMinkov?

My ISP is cutting my way to DalNet?. Anyway my ICQ number is 106910885 (JustARegularGuy?). -- DanielYokomiso?

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