Last update June 28, 2003

Tasks Helmut

If you want me something to do, add an item to this list (/Templates). I will generally work top down. The primary things I opted for are /TestData generation and /Testing, so these things have priority for me. But I will also take other tasks from /TasksOverall if my task list runs empty and I've free capacity.


Priority list:

  • Create the ICFP wiki page and publish it at the newsgroup (from: Helmut)
  • Connect to IRC if some is offered (from: Helmut)
  • Connect to CVS if some is offered (from: Helmut)
  • Make CVS server available if there is a need
  • /track2img (from: Helmut)
  • Prepare test data sets (from: Helmut)
  • Testing (from: Helmut)
  • ...
Tasks without priority:
  • ...

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