Last update June 27, 2003

Wiki Basics

Ok, in case anyone needs a 5 minute introduction to the wiki, thats it:

  • Writing to a page is as simple as counting 1, 2, 3:
    • 1: click on "Edit"
    • 2: change the current page text in the text window
    • 2: click on the "Save" button
  • Whats going on: click on "News" (many wikis call this RecentChanges), you will see:
    • Which pages have changed and who has changed it (maybe only an IP)
  • Identify yourself: click on "Preferences" and enter your name, now:
    • anyone can see on RecentChanges which changes where done by you
    • you get additional functions at the bottom of the page
      • a page "archive" shows all revisions of a page
      • a "delete page" for small pages (<64 characters)
      • a "print" for a printer friendly layout of the page
  • But what exactly has changed: click on "(diff)" and you see
    • yellow: paragraphs deleted (or changed, old version)
    • green: paragraphs added (or changed, new version)
    • normal display: the current page content
  • Put a bookmark on RecentChanges, check regularly like you check a newsgroup.
That's it.

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