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DIPs (D Improvement Proposals)

This is the D Improvement Proposal (DIP) index. Review DIP1 for instructions on creating a new DIP.

DIP1DIP TemplateDraftthis is a DIP template that can be used as a model to start a new proposal.
DIP2Const code bloatApprovedproposed solution for bug 1961.
DIP3Remove inheritance protectionDraftnon-public inheritance in a single inheritance language that has a single root object hierarchy makes little sense.
DIP4PropertiesSupersededan alternate usage/definition syntax for properties.
DIP5Properties 2Supersededan variant of DIP4.
DIP6AnnotationsApprovedextend the D programming language with annotations.
DIP7Operator overloadingApprovedRevamped operator overloading.
DIP8Improving Runtime Type InfoDraftTemplating RTTI.
DIP9Redo toString APIDraftReplace inefficient aggregate toString API with efficient delegate-based version that supports formatting.
DIP10Qualified constructors and destructors for structsDraft 
DIP11Automatic downloading of importsDraftSupport automatically downloading imported files via new import path specifications or pragmas.
DIP12C API headersApprovedCollection of D headers for common C libraries.
DIP13Import path bindingDraftAllow to bind an import path to a package.
DIP14Import path binding in source codeDraftAllow to bind an import path to a package from within sources.
DIP15Import of packagesDraftImprove imports of packages with submodules.
DIP16Transparently substitute module with packageDraft 
DIP17Sane volatile statementSuperseded 
DIP18Non-GC threadsDraft 
DIP20Volatile read/write intrinsicsDraftIntrinsics to perform C-style volatile loads/stores from/to memory.
DIP21Fixing propertyDraft 

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