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DIP1: DIP Template

Title:DIP Template
Last Modified:2009-07-07
Author:Leandro Lucarella <llucax


This is a sample template to easily start a new DIP. DIPs can be fairly informal for now, but at least the leading metadata should be included, and a short abstract.


Keeping track of improvement proposals is very hard and not well documented organized. Having a template (and a process) for such proposals can improve the situation significantly.


To start a new DIP you can go to Edit link and copy the source of this DIP, then go to DIP index and add a new item in the list. The DIP number should be one more than the last DIP in the index (for example, if the DIP1 is the last DIP, your DIP should be DIP2). The link in the index should have the form: [DiPx DIPx (title)]: resume, where x is the DIP number, title is the DIP title and resume is a short description about the DIP.

Save the DIP index page and click on the ? at the side of the new link. Now you are editing the new DIP you just created, now paste the copied source text from this template and replace all the you need.

Remember to update the metadata at the start of the DIP, and keep it as a Draft at the beginning. When your DIP is done, you should announce it in the News Group for discussion, with a subject like this: new DIPx: title (where one more time x is the DIP number and title is the DIP title).

You should always put you DIPs in the Public Domain (or a similarly permissive license but use Public Domain unless you're very sure of what you're doing).


This document has been placed in the Public Domain.

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