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Language Specification

The best place for information on the D language specification is the D Language homepage.


Standard Library (Phobos)



This highly recommended book can be seen as a language reference for D2.

Reference Compiler

The DMD compiler is the reference compiler.

Being continuously in development, the DMD compiler has numerous bugs. You may encounter one of them from time to time. The best way to know if you stumbled upon a bug is to ask in the D.learn and D.d newsgroups/forums. There is a new release every other month. We recommend upgrading often, but also keeping a copy of your current version of the compiler in case you encounter a regression. Hopefully, your bug will appear as corrected in the changelog.

The development of D1 being stopped, it only benefits from bug corrections. Its maintenance is scheduled to end by 2012, dec 31st.

The GDC (based on the GCC backend) and the LDC (based on the LLVM backend) are the two other D compilers. They are slightly behind DMD, but they benefit the same bug corrections, as the three compilers share the same frontend.

D1.x DMD Bugs

These are bugs found in the reference compiler DMD that relate to the D1.x specification.

NG: Improving the Specification


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