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Pending Peeves

These are issues that people feel need to address, hopefully in time for D 1.0. Be realistic, do not make this a wish/feature request list! (see Feature Request List to suggest a new feature)

Maybe this could form the basis for an official 'to do for 1.0' list.

It is important to read all the posts linked to in order to fully understand the issues and how they should be resolved, and not cause duplications.

Bugs in DMD:

Things that it isn't clear if are bugs (either the compiler or the spec needs fixing): Holes in the spec:
  • Issues that need addressing if copying GC is to be allowed (probably is, considering GC-related restrictions on pointer operations) ( D:26273)
  • Object.opCmp predefined wants at least a rationale, if not a change ( D:26144, d.D:10558, d.D:21572)
  • When are function calls without trailing parentheses allowed? ( d.D:35742)
Things missing from Phobos: Language features waiting to be implemented or at least removed from the spec: Miscellaneous showstoppers (things that will either break a lot of code, or make the spec look dreadful):
  • [done, D2 only] Remove printf() from object.d, so it's no longer implicitly defined ( d.D.bugs:5838).
  • [partly done, DMD 0.149] Provide access to the IEEE rounding modes, precision and exception status ("blah blah blah") in float.html.
  • [done?, DMD 0.163] Object.opCmp - about time we came to a decision ( d.D:21572)
Uncertainty about what will be in D 1.0:
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