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Stewart's D Windows Framework (SDWF), version 0.61 by StewartGordon.

SDWF is a simple framework for the programming of Microsoft Windows applications, inspired in part by Borland's ObjectWindows Library (OWL). It is a thin layer over the Windows API, rather than a higher-level GUI library hoping to be cross-platform.

SDWF is currently at an alpha stage of development.

Official SDWF download and documentation:

Bug list

Found a bug? Make a note of it here! (Please try to be specific in what you are doing, what you're expecting to happen and what's happening instead.)

Quirk list

For reporting anything unfortunate that isn't quite a bug....

Wish list

What improvements would you like to see in SDWF? Suggestions here! (But please read first.)

--MDI / SDI and docking windows please.

MDI implemented in 0.5!
As for docking windows, that'll be something to think about....

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