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Canonical Function

Definition: a canonical function describes its parameters and semantics completely in its name.

Example (split by regular expression):

  • overloaded function: String [] split(String s,String ssplit);
  • canonical function: String [] StringSplitString(String s,String ssplit);
  • object method: String[] (this_string_object.)split(String ssplit);
Example (read a file / "slurp"):
  • overloaded function: char [] read(String filename);
  • canonical function: String [] FileReturnString(String filename);
  • object method: none (no implementation object makes sense)
The canonical in D has a number of advantages
  • no-one will be forces to use them (except in cases where no other interface seems designable)
  • they are unique, so you can speak about them without explanations
    • you can say "StringSplitChar"
    • instead of "the overloaded split function that takes one string and one character parameter"
  • they may serve as readable pseudocode
  • they can can create truly readable code, that even speaks to a newcomer.
  • they work even when overloading is at its end (consider a split(String s,String regex).
  • they even continue to work for OO thinking even when object are at their end
    • consider a SystemSetTime(time) where System is something like a virtual object
    • consider a CustumerDelete("Bill Smith") where the customer is an object in a database that has a symbolic reference but not an implementation object
  • they allow to freely talk, create and implement them and later think about positioning they final interface in the library hierarchy.
  • they serve as a "complexity filter" because it's - almost - impossible to name functions that take many parameters or ride more than one horse.
  • they end the problem of "speechlessness" where the reuse of concepts isn't possible because of naming problems or because the cost of a separate object is too high.

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