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Template Threads

ToDo:Information in the links on this page is outdated. D's templates have become much more powerful since these posts were made. At times, new features introduced new bugs, but at this point D has powerful templates and (I hope) limited bug issues. (I don't know if IFTI is fully implemented yet, but I believe it's mostly implemented. My impression is that it's now a matter of Walter addressing exotic corner cases.) -- JustinCalvarese

Often template threads deal with TemplateInstantiation in particular.

Some D Newsgroup Threads Dealing with Templates

Template ConstraintBen Y24 Oct 2003 NG:D/18561
TemplatesJustin H25 Sep 2003 NG:D/17779
template forward references/missing property bug or requirementMike Wynn15 Sep 2003 NG:D/17085
template instanciationPhilippe Mori19 Aug 2003 NG:D/15856
Template WishlistBenji Smith13 Aug 2003 NG:D/15502
Template questionChris Sokol5 Aug 2003 NG:D/15049
template alias and instancesMike Wynn2 Aug 2003 NG:D/14934
templates issues (long)Daniel Yokomiso1 Jul 2003 NG:D/14181
template(T) pushdownStack && postfix/infix-expressionsFarmer21 Jun 2003 NG:D/13964
Template specialization rulesDaniel Yokomiso21 Apr 2003 NG:D/12856
Template specialized searchMike Wynn9 Feb 2003 NG:D/10822
Templates and matricesDaniel Yokomiso26 Nov 2002 NG:D/9599
template instatiation inside another templateDaniel Yokomiso19 Nov 2002 NG:D/9531
template type inside a functionSean L. Palmer8 Nov 2002 NG:D/9396
template proposalRuss Lewis21 Aug 2002 NG:D/7668
Templates and the Hindley-Milner type systemThiago F.G. Albuquerque23 Nov 2001 NG:D/2092
Template-like feature idea (wildcard variables)David Caldwell18 Aug 2001 NG:D/428
TemplatesGeoff18 Aug 2001 NG:D/369

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