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Talks and Presentations   

Talks and Presentations    

Aldo Nunez Mago Debugger Inner Workings, Part I Yes NWCPP2011
Aldo Nunez Mago Debugger Inner Workings, Part IINo NWCPP2011
Andrei Alexandrescu Three Cool Things About D Yes GoogleTechTalks2010
Andrei Alexandrescu Iterators Must Go Yes (archived) BoostCon2009
Peter Modzelewski et al. Compiler/Runtime workshopsNo Tango Conference2008
Rick Richardson DReactor No (dead link) Tango Conference2008
Rafal Bocian Teaching DNo Tango Conference2008
Mikola Lysenko Fibers Yes (Archived) Tango Conference2008
Jarrett Billingsley Mini D Yes (Archived) Tango Conference2008
team0xf (down?) team0xf gamedev No (dead link) Tango Conference2008
Tomasz Stachowiak DDL Yes (Archived) Tango Conference2008
Fawzi Mohamed Rolling Dice Testing No (dead link) Tango Conference2008
Tomas Lindquist Olsen and Christian Kamm LDC No (dead link) Tango Conference2008
Frank Benoit DWT No (dead link) Tango Conference2008
Walter Bright and Andrei Alexandrescu The Future of D - Part 1 Yes D Conference2007
Walter Bright and Andrei Alexandrescu The Future of D - Part 2Yes - see above D Conference2007
Brad Anderson and Gregor Richards DSSS and DSource DSource DSSS D Conference2007
Bartosz Milewski Software Transactional Memory in D Yes D Conference2007
Kris Bell Array Slicing and High Performance Systems yes D Conference2007
Don Clugston Generating Truly Optimal Code Yes D Conference2007
Sean Kelly Runtime Libraries Yes D Conference2007
Kirk McDonald Hooking Python and D together Yes D Conference2007
Benjamin Shropshire Compile Time Abstraction Slides Code D Conference2007
Cristian Vlasceanu Tools for a New Generation Yes D Conference2007
Walter Bright Advanced D Programming Language Features Yes NWCPP2007
Walter Bright Metaprogramming in DNo NWCPP2007


NameTitleInterviewed ByDate
Andrei Alexandrescu The D Programming Language with Andrei Alexandrescu InformIT2011
Andrei Alexandrescu Making A Case For D Programming Language Intel Software Network2009
Andrei Alexandrescu C++, D, and Beyond Channel92011

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