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Wild Card

This project has 5 files:

  • wc.d (requires the following 3 modules in the compile)
  • expandw.d (requires the following 2 modules in rhe compile)
  • parsestring.d (independent)
  • wildmatch.d (independent)
  • hilevel.d (requires the above 3 modules and the stream.d or streams.d written by Andy Friesen - included in downloadable zipfile)
Which are to be compiled as (sample wordcount program):

    dmd wc expandw parsestring wildmatch   (making wc.exe)

Independent debug options are in each module using the following conventions:
runtime display of actions called by -debug=modulename
separate compile with test main() included called by -debug=Modulename
runtime-display options can be turned on for any of the modules in the compile independently

Thus to run a test of wildmatch.d,

    dmd wildmatch -debug=Wildmatch -debug=wildmatch
    dmd wildmatch -debug=Wildmatch  ( main() only, no debug messages )

And a full-debug compile of wc would be:

    dmd wc expandw parsestring wildmatch -debug=wc -debug=expandw -debug=parsestring -debug=wildmatch

Click to DOWNLOAD:

     (The zipfile includes win32 executables for the 2 programs.)

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