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The 64bit instruction set specification for AMD and Intel 64bit X86 processors. Intel's rendition of this instruction set was composed following its own 64bit implementation which was forced out due to market pressures. Intel eventually followed AMD's lead under the "EM64T" name for their version.


 *  AMD64
 *  EM64T

Intel Resources:

 *  64bit Extensions

AMD Architecture Programmer's Manual

 *  Volume 1 - Application Programming
 *  Volume 2 - System Programming
 *  Volume 3 - General-Purpose and System Instructions
 *  Volume 4 - 128bit Media Instructions
 *  Volume 5 - 64-Bit Media and x87 Floating-Point Instructions

64bit Windows

 *  x64 Software Conventions - C++ Based 
 *  FreiK's Blog - Contains information and links to a dozen other MSDN articles

32bit Windows (relevant topics to 64bit Windows)

 *  Win32 SEH - Useful Background on Exception Handling
 *  SEH Functions

D on 64bit Platforms

This topic is open for discussion and editing. At the time of writing this, D is barely at the 1.0 stage as a 32-bit programming platform. As time moves on, D will need to become 64bit capable in order to compete with C++ and other languages out there. A stronger ABI, that takes advantage of what this new platform has to offer will be crucial to this next step. Therefore, I put together this wiki page to help stimulate community involvement in building expertiese and awareness in the 64bit processing arena. - EricAnderton

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