Last update January 24, 2008

Doxygen Issues

Doxygen Issues

D support was added to Doxygen version 1.3.6, and was working even before that using "dfilter"

However, there are still a few problems with using Doxygen for creating D documentation.

Pending Patches

None for 1.4.3 so far

Left To Do

Tracker bug for D issues:

Need to write a "unit test" of D code to be documented, so we can follow how much is working and how much is left.

Missing Features

Automatic documentation for:

  • Unit Tests
  • Contracts


  • dfilter can be used to preprocess .d source code
    FILTER_PATTERNS        = *.d=dfilter

    • simple text changes, like the ones listed below
  • the C/C++ preprocessor features of Doxygen can be abused to change text/words
    • alias can be treated as "typedef"

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Now that the D compiler features embedded documentation functionality ("Ddoc": D 1.x, D 2.x), there's probably not as much need for Doxygen to be modified to suit D, but it would still benefit D if Doxygen were more "D-compatible".

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