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Source Forge Projects

These are some of the D projects at SourceForge:


  • language machine: a toolkit for language and grammar
  • wxd: wxWidgets bindings for D. (Latest release: 2009-07-03).

Some activity

  • GDC - D Programming Language for GCC. (Latest release: 2007-08-22).
  • GDC for Mac (Latest release: 2008-10-03).
  • GDC for Win (Latest release: 2008-12-30).

On hiatus

  • dantfw: dAntE will be a D application development framework. (Dead link).
  • dool. (Latest release in 2004-12-11).
  • dpq: client interface to PostgreSQL. (Dead link).
  • dui: GUI binding for GTK+ graphical toolkit. (Looks dead since 2007-01-06).
  • Icequake: SQLite 3 Query Browser is a GUI application for exploring and manipulating SQLite3 database objects. IQK, is written in the DigitalMars D programming language with the DWT (D port of SWT) gui toolkit. (Latest release: 2007-02-07).
  • leds: D language source editor. (Latest release: 2007-01-13)
  • spinnerette. (Dead link).
    • no code posted yet, the code I have is old and doesn't compile with the most recent dmd; I'll update it when I get a chance.
  • yawr: Webcomic reader implemented in D using SDL[_ttf], libgd and a homebrew GUI. (Officially abandoned 16.08.10).
D was even added to the list of programming languages ( NG:digitalmars.D/12668).


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