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How To Create New Pages

The classical way to create a new page is

(1) edit a page and write

  • a word that consists of at least two other words each starting with an uppercase letter (e. g. something like TestPage)
  • a page name contained within curly braces: {{....}}
  • a page name that consists of words connected with double underscores: Word1__Word2 (the underscores represent a blank character)
(2) save the page and then

(3) click the "?"-link that is displayed behind the new page name. This transfers you to the edit form of the page.

Alternatively you can use the browser command line:

  • type http://.../wiki.cgi?PageName (+ enter) and then click "Edit" when the new page is displayed
  • enter the command http://.../wiki.cgi?edit=PageName which directly opens the edit form

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