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This page can be used to describe problems with vs. 0.21, suggest improvements or document enhancements.


I'm thankful for great feedback, extended code and patches from DerekParnell (lots!), AndrewEdwards? and ThomasKuehne? and I will try to merge most of the suggested improvements into the next dmake releases. Often there are more than one implementation to choose from and they inspire new ideas. This will take some time because of my lack of free time and the richness of improvements. (W) means "Windows background", (WL) means Windows and Linux background.

ImprovementsDerekParnell (W)AndrewEdwards? (W)ThomasKuehne? (WL)
Amount of code (LOC changed)1000+80+200+
writef instead of printfXXX
use of r"..\.." instead of "..\\.."XX 
environment handlingXX 
use PATH to find DMD executable(s) and configfileX X (nice WhereIs?)
follow links under Linux  X
clean (delete obj/map/rsp files) X 
creation of libraries (Windows only / many options)X  
-DMDPATH commandline argX  
-CFPATH commandline argX  
-V (separating DMAKE and DMD verbose)X  
warning when -gui under Linux  X
(under construction)   

Problems and suggestions

configfile placement (Windows only problem)

A recurring problem is that dmake 0.21 doesn't read the windows configfile from nonstandard directories.

Derek Parnell patched his dmake to look into PATH for possible places of sc.ini. This seems a good option. But it shouldn't be required that dmd is accessed through the PATH (I don't know yet how he integrated this enhancement).

Another solution might be to use a dmake.ini in the Windows system directory to provide the path information.


  • look into a new -dmdpath=... option to dmake (just for completeness)
  • (Windows) look into the Windows system directory for a dmake.ini-DMDPATH option
  • (Windows) look into the environment-PATH directories
  • look into the standard directories (the only place dmd0.21 looks)

%@P% interpretation in configfile (Windows only)

dmake doesn't do that currently. If dmd.exe (and so the place of sc.ini) is found through the PATH (or any other method) then dmake could use the (now already available) path information to interpret the %@P%.

description of patches / suggested enhancements

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