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KDevelop support hack

From NG:digitalmars.D/5654:

I've recently started using Linux. There weren't many editors for D available (haven't tested leds yet :P ). There's Kate but it's only got syntax highlighting. However since KDevelop uses Kate, it would be the next logical step to incorporate D into KDevelop. So I did that step. Well... kind of. I've made KDevelop into thinking that it's compiling C++ code by modifying project's make and configure tools. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt C++ support. For more info, look into the readme file in the attached archive.

NOTE: You must have Python configured on your system and have write access to KDevelop's config files.

Somebody, please test it and if it works, put it into the wiki. (I can't test this because I don't have Linux installed, but I put this page up so that others can try it out and add there comments here. -- JustinCalvarese)

From NG:digitalmars.D/5704:

I've made a little change to this thing. You can download it from (Once again, the modification was done only in the file.) I'll be putting any future releases on that address.

From NG:digitalmars.D/11344:

The school server I had it hosted on is down. However now I have my own server and I've just put it there for anyone to download.

Please report if it works for you, I haven't received any feedback, it works for me though (Tested on FC2 and Mandrake10)


Thanks. Try to use ${KDE_DIR} in install.


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