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Gui Libraries

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This is a list of known graphic user interface libraries targeted specifically to a D programmer:

GUI libraries

Release for production (The project is mature and ready to be used)
GtkDD language graphical user interface based on GTK+ (formerly known as DUI/DUIT)Linux/Windows/Mac OS XLGPL DsourceProject:gtkd
DWTTango and D2 based port of SWT v3.4 GUI Library + JFace and more (NOTE: Not updated for D2, Tango will not compile.)Win32/Linux-gtk-32EPL DsourceProject:dwt
Beta Status (Still probably buggy but the bugs are being worked out)
DFLD Forms Library: object oriented GUIWindows3-choice-License: LGPL / zlib / BSD-alike
DGuiAn object oriented graphic libraryWindowsLGPL
Alpha Status (Feature incomplete, probably buggy, but usable)
QtDWrapper around the well known Qt library for the D languageWindows/Unix/Mac OS X (currently not working using GDC and Phobos),
wxD?Bindings for wxWidgets (via wx.NET)Windows/Linux GTK+/Mac OS XLGPL
SDWFOWL-inspired Windows application framework (for D1, but a D2 version is in the works)Windows
Pre-Alpha Status (Early, unstable code that may change)
DkinterWrapper around Tcl/Tk (port of module Python.Tkinter)Windows/Macintosh/Unix
D-TUIText-based library that resembles Turbo VisionWindows (cmd)/Unix (xterm)LGPL
DWT (old version)Phobos based port of SWT v3.1.2 GUI LibraryWin32  DsourceProject:dwt/wiki/DwtShawn
HarmoniaA skinnable GUI Framework which does not use native controls. Very fast and easily portable.HarmoniaPortabilityBSD-alike
Luiginative-D OpenGL-based GUI drawing libraryplatform-independent  DsourceProject:luigi
D Frameworka framework library for D language that is a collection of various libraries (gui, database, xml etc.)WindowsPublic Domain
LucidD interface to Lucid, which uses the native OS controls (Win32/Cocoa/GTK)Windows/Mac OS X/Linux
D-FLTKPort of FLTK 1.1 Mac OS XLGPL-alike
D/TkWrapper around Tcl/Tk (port of C++/Tk)Windows/Macintosh/Unix  NG:digitalmars.D/42681, NG:digitalmars.D/42700, (placeholder)
SWTThe SWT port in the TioPort project.Windows Linux (Mac OS X coming)  DsourceProject:tioport
DFCAn easy wrapper around HWND + easy message handling and moreWindows  DsourceProject:l8night
unDigSomewhat updated version of Burton's dig libraryWindows Dig Library
DIUPWrapper around IUPWindows/Unix
Plutoan application library using FLTK and SqliteWindows/Unix/Mac OS X
HybridGame and multimedia GUI lib written in DWindows/Unix (OpenGL)
MinWinMinimal GUI Toolkit (discontinued)Windows/GTK  DsourceProject:minwin
ElementA multimedia application toolkit for platform independent development.Windows (but very portable)
RaeGUI with OpenGL (migrated to another language)Mac OS X, Linux, WindowsX11/MIT


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