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Editor Support

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  • EditorWishlist - list here the features you want on your editor/IDE.
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Editors with good support   
Other editors   


  • Must have semantic features, or a GUI-builder, or good debugger integration.
An example of a semantic feature would be code completion (but not just completion of D keywords, which is merely syntactic). If it is a plugin for an IDE (such as Visual Studio), but the plugin itself only has editor features, place an appropriate note, or don't put it in the IDE category, as you feel appropriate.

IDEPlatformNotesVersionLast known activity*
VisualDWindowsVisual Studio plugin written in D with code completion building and debugging support0.3.402015-05-10
DDTCross-platform (Java)Eclipse-based 0.8.12013-09-23
Mono-DCross-platform (Mono)(Monodevelop Addin) Code Completion/Refactoring etc. + dmd/ldc/gdc support1.5.22014-02-13
D-IDEWindows (.NET)Full IDE with Code Completion and Debugging Support 2013-07-06
Code::BlocksLinux/Windows/Mac OS X/FreeBSD (wxWidgets)Codecompletion works partial.10.052010-05-30 (latest binary release)
2012-11-27 (SVN activity for IDE)
PoseidonWindows-only?written in D 2010-07-18
Entice DesignerWindows-only?editor & GUI builder ( DFL / DWT) 0.8.5 released2008-03-13
UNACross-platform (Java)  2008-07-25
XcodeOS X D for Xcode plugin1.2.12011-01-16

[*] From news on official website or latest SVN activity.

Editors with good support    

  • Must have syntax highlighting that lexes D correctly (nested comments, the various string literals, etc.)
  • Preferably also Unicode support (place a note if it doesn't).
IDEPlatformNotesVersionLast known activity
Geany syntax highlighting & autocomplete0.19.12010-08-19
Vim editor only 2010-11-14
Emacs editor only 2012-08
SEATD for SciTE editor & semantics 2008-01-20
SciTE4D editor with AutoComplete using SEATD0.11 2008-10-02
DCode Very simple "Notepad for D"Complete 
eDitor editor only 2007-10
Kate editor only3.2.12009-03-04
Sublime Text editor only2009-10 
PSPad Editor/IDE (freeware) 2009-05
SlickEdit Editor/IDE (Commercial)D 1.0 only (2009)? 
TextadeptCross-platformeditor only3.42010-11-01
Zeus IDEWindows and Linux using WineEditor/IDE (shareware)3.97s 2014-04-15 - see D Features
Komodo Edit / IDECross-platformsyntax highlighting (requires dkomodo extension)6.0+ (1.0.0)2011-04-08

Other editors    

  • These editors are general purpose programming editors, sometimes with syntax highlighting for D, but there is no lexing of the language
IDEPlatformNotesVersionLast known activity
Anjuta IDELinux (Gnome based)   
CodeWright editor only  
Context editor only  
Crimson Editor editor only 2007-10
EditPlus editor only  
FAR (File and Archive) Manager editor only 2007-08-24
gedit editor only  
GeSHi editor only  
jEdit editor only4.3pre12 D support files2008-01
Jens File Editor editor only  
KDevelop 3  3.5.5-02009-08-11
leds editor only  
Midnight Commander editor only  2007-06-23
Notepad++Windows  2012
Pelles C D Add-inWindows  2012-02
PN2 - Programmers Notepad, version 2Windows  2009-07
SmultronOS X   
TextPad editor only  
TextMate editor only  
UltraEdit editor only  
xyzzy editor only  

  • Obvious abandoned projects
IDEPlatformNotesVersionLast known activity
SkyIDEWindowsFull IDE unknown
DescentCross-platform (Java)Eclipse-based. Dead as of 2010-10-


  • Editor only: supports only simple editor features such as syntax highlighting.
  • Eclipse-based: see EclipseEditor for more info on Eclipse based IDEs.


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