October 14, 2006
Change Log

What's New for ProWiki 2.0.045

Oct 14, 2006 (under construction)

New/Changed Features

  • A new experimental CdmlVideo element supports inline video content.
  • Option/CollisionDetection may now be used to turn CollisionDetection OFF (ON is the default).
  • The statistics ActionStat has got a new parameter strip which is used to (not) display incomplete days or months.
  • Symbols and icons have been unified to a height of 16 pixel to ease their baseline alignment when used inline. (please update them from the ../prowiki_image directory)

What's New for ProWiki 2.0.044

Aug 10, 2006

New/Changed Features

  • WikiLanguage now supports language abbreviations like "fr" or "ja" instead of numbers.
  • There is an additional variable TranslationSource to share translations or use them locally, to keep them in pages or files.
  • The release includes the Russian (ru), Japanese (ja) and Hungarian (hu) translations.
Bugs Fixed
  • Outgoing urls now correctly encode the ampersand as HTML "&"+"amp;" (bug #008)
  • Bugs (#009-#013) related to having multiple domains connected to parts of one wiki have been solved.

What's New for ProWiki 2.0.043

Jul 20, 2006

New/Changed Features

What's New for ProWiki 2.0.042

Jul 08, 2006

New/Changed Features

  • New ProWikiVersion and ActionVersion can be used to access and display the revision in a number of ways.
  • CdmlImage got a number of additional parameters for framing, resizing and subtitling the image.
  • QuickUpload may now be configured using the Option/UploadExtensionWrapper to put more than just the "Upload:file" markup into the target page. E. g. uploading an image can result in a CdmlImage element being added. Uploading an swf file can result in a working Flash animation.
  • SectionEditing has been improved to jump to the section header (instead of "top of page") after saving.
Bugs Fixed
  • A number of style and security issues and suggestions - given by Markus Lude - have been incorporated.
  • The separation of ConfigDir and DataDir has been improved for those who want to have them in separate places.

What's New for ProWiki 2.0.041

Jun 20, 2006

New/Changed Features

What's New for ProWiki 2.0.040

Jun 7, 2006

New/Changed Features

What's New for ProWiki 2.0.039

May 30, 2006

New/Changed Features

  • Some additional simple HTML tags (tt, sub and sup) are supported without turning on all HTML.
  • ActionStat got a legend that explains the classification colors. See the example among the ScreenShots.
  • The deprecated ActionPageprop has now been removed.
  • TemplateInsert now also supports the insertion of wiki text (e. g. CDML commands) directly without being part of a page.
Bugs Fixed
  • CdmlCalendar parameter 'page' was ignored, it now works with absolute page references.
  • About a dozen French translations were fixed. Thanks to ChristopheDucamp for the translations and corrections.
  • The background color for weekend days in ActionStat is now correct for all language versions.

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